i come back to tumblr because someone sent a message asking for one of the urls i horded and i end up scrolling forever. goddamn the fandoms and the booty.

also i don’t know if i ever actually said it, but i am on indefinite hiatus from this place. too much of a time sink, ya know? do occasionally miss some of you bitches though, nice to see everyone’s still around and being cool or w/e. except puddin cause she matured the fuck up or s/t 

i can’t get up the energy to evne be on tumblr anymore lately

so ive been thinking about gettin bakc on twitter?

just so i don’t lose like my only enjoyed form of social interaction i guess??

but i get the feeling i would most neverly use it and it would just be wasted effort. idk man

Im gonna fucking piss

It was all changed to 8

and i was the only one not told

How can two managers be late?
was there some big scheduley change no one bothered tell me about?

Omg the sales manager that i was supposed to floor set with at 6 never showed

The store manager is on for 7 though, but she isn’t here yet either

Did everyone just fucking die??

heyo tumbum

im exhausted today cause long shift today, bluh

and i gotta open tomorrow

so i’ll get active again starting on sunday prolly


Twitter / yasu895: 本日の日課。凄く久々に大ニャン先生 http://t.co/ …


i can’t WAIT to be drunk all day tomorrow

Today after i got off work i went to bonfire at a friends house, which was great cause i haven’t seen any of those peeps in at least a year and yeah real nice night

Am tired though and smell nice and toasty so I’ll prolly just sleep now. G’night tulbems.